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A European banking organization that actively supports the economy

Eight countries. 19,000 employees. More than 500 branches and 840 ATMs all over Greece. Alternative service channels with cutting-edge technology, available 24/7. One Banking Force at your disposal.

Welcome to Eurobank!

Eurobank Group is a European banking organization with total assets of € 77.6 billion. A pillar of the Greek banking system, Eurobank safeguards the savings of millions of depositors and finances the real economy. Moreover, Eurobank Group holds a strategic position in retail and business banking in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, offers discerning Wealth Management services in Cyprus, Luxembourg and is also present in London and the Ukraine.

The recent integration of New TT Hellenic Postbank S.A. and New Proton Bank S.A in the Eurobank Group, strengthened even further the Group’s strategic position in the Greek banking sector by creating significant synergies. The legal and operational merger with former New Proton Bank S.A. was completed in 2013. The legal merger with former New TT Hellenic Postbank S.A. was completed on December 27, 2013, while its operational integration was completed on April 14, 2014.

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