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Private Banking
The Private Banking is a modern banking service, which in an environment of absolute discretion, analyses the financial needs of each client separately and suggests solutions for their most efficient fulfilment.

Total Wealth Management

Eurobank Private Banking offers its clients a very specialized service, of Total Wealth Management. “Total Wealth Management” aims to totally cover the financial needs of the client by providing innovative products and services. An effective approach to clients differing needs is achieved with the co-operation of the other Sectors and Subsidiaries of the Bank when necessary.

The Client

Each Private Banking client is unique, with unique goals and aspirations. The understanding and satisfaction of client’s banking needs is the essence of Private Banking. Through an individualized process the Private Banker evaluates the investment profile of the customer and plans with him / her strategic proposals for the most rational management of his /her wealth. The relationship created is dynamic. Private Bankers follow closely the developments in the money and capital markets, provide clients with detailed asset reporting and examine any possible change in portfolio structure.
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