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Professional Development & Training

In Eurobank, the continuous development of the competitive advantages of our human resources is considered to be of strategic importance. Relevant initiatives and activities are based on the design and implementation of an established Professional Development and Training Framework, which places emphasis on the reinforcement of a unified organizational culture and has been awarded for its innovation, best practices and positive impact on Employees’ professional growth.

Professional Development Programmes include:

  • Management Team and Employee Development Programmes, which aim at developing leadership skills and reinforcing a unified leadership culture
  • Professional Development Applications, which aim at developing professional competencies and skills of Employees and identifying their overall potential  
  • Mentoring Programmes, which aim at developing leadership, communication and coaching skills
  • Professional Development Intranet site, which provides information about the organizational structure, career paths, functional role requirements and acts as a self-development tool, available to all Bank’s Employees

The Professional Development Programmes aim at the advancement of those employee skills and competencies that lead to optimum performance, and at their targeted utilisation for covering key positions within the Group, as well as succession planning, knowledge transfer and the establishment of common development methodologies that enhance transparency and objectivity.

Furthermore, Eurobank provides targeted training which is supported by the implementation of specific Learning Plans per Position. Emphasis is placed upon:

  • Leadership and Management Development programmes, which comprise one of the Group’s strategic priorities and are implemented in cooperation with established academic institutions such as ALBA, Harvard Business Publishing, Athens University of Economics and Business, International Hellenic University, etc. Indicatively, in 2013, Harvard Business Publishing programs were attended by 634 executives, on a Group level.
  • Acquiring and certifying knowledge, job-related skills and practical banking experience. Special emphasis is placed on Bank of Greece certifications; indicatively, in 2013, 676 Employees were certified in the Provision of Investment Services and 493 Employees were certified in Insurance Intermediation.
  • "Counter-Fraud", which leads to creating a unified culture and raising awareness on fraud-related issues and related detection and prevention mechanisms. It is noteworthy, that in 2013, 1,783 Employees attended the specialized “Counter-Fraud” e-Learning program, on a Group level.
  • "Positivity" (Life Skills, Time & Stress Management and Work Life Balance) and collaboration enhancing programmes, which result in the increase of the capability of teams to effectively manage crises and their consequences. These programs were attended, in 2013, by a total of 910 Employees.

As far as the Group’s training key performance indicators are concerned, in 2013:

  • participations increased to 49,315
  • training man-hours reached 303,719
  • the percentage of Employees who participated in training stood at 62.4%
  • the percentage of training via e-learning methodology reached 28.7% vs. the total training man-hours.

Finally, it is noted that the policies and procedures applied by the Training Division are ISO 9001 certified, by TUV HELLAS.

Integration of former “New Proton Bank S.A.” and former “New TT Hellenic Postbank S.A.” human resources

The integration of former “New Proton Bank S.A” and part of former “New TT Hellenic Postbank S.A.” human resources, in accordance with Eurobank’s operating model and policies, was completed by the end of 2013. This was carried out in parallel with their training on the Bank’s systems and products. 

More about the Group's Human Resources

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